Extend. Manage. Secure. More than 30 years in the business. Over 65,000 customers.
Terminal Emulation
Windows 7-ready solutions for connecting web browser or Windows users to IBM, HP, UNIX, Unisys, OpenVMS, Tandem, and CRS/GDS systems.
Enterprise Fraud Management
Software that sees, records, and analyzes user activity across enterprise applications—giving you the intelligence you need to take informed action.
Managed File Transfer
Tactical and strategic solutions for securely transferring files of any size, across all major platforms, to any location.
Unisys Emulation and Integration
Secure, multi-host access designed to enhance employee productivity. Also, advanced ETL software for integrating DMSII data into relational or other DMSII databases.
Legacy Modernization
Noninvasive solutions for quickly service enabling or web enabling mainframe and enterprise host functionality.
PC X Server
A high-powered family of X servers that connects Windows desktops to graphical UNIX applications, and offers advanced capabilities such as cross-platform suspend/resume and fast performance over latent networks.
Host Access for Airlines and Travel Industries
A variety of solutions including robust terminal emulation software, web-to-host products, high-volume printing, and rapid application-development tools.
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Top Companies Rely on Attachmate

All over the world, organizations rely on Attachmate software to improve service, streamline processes, and cut their long term costs. Learn about our customers' successes with Attachmate products.
Atos Healthcare cut costs, improved performance, and kept data secure by deploying Citrix-compatible Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS.
Using Reflection for the Web, Baptist Health was able to shrink operating costs by 40 percent and give hospital administrators roaming capabilities.
CANNEX Financial Exchanges uses Reflection for HP and Reflection for the Web to secure private HP e3000-based information for public Internet travel.
By standardizing on Reflection for the Web, Grupo Financiero Banorte gave 700 branch banks secure Internet access to corporate information.
Century-National rolled out a successful B2B solution by using Attachmate Verastream to web enable HP-based applications for brokers and agents.
Thanks to Reflection X, Attachmate’s high-powered PC X server, China Telecom was able to replace a slow, outdated system and support new 3G services.
Irish Life used Attachmate DATABridge to quickly clone DMSII data, generate real-time updates, reduce Unisys overhead, and support anti-fraud initiatives.
AS/400 application modernization using Attachmate Verastream let PharMerica redeploy cash-posting staff and reduce training time from two weeks to less than one day.
Universal Health Services used Verastream to integrate 3270-based Siemens system with web front end to make patient-management workflow less resource-intensive.
Our 65,000th customer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, relies on Attachmate and NetIQ solutions for access to critical IT systems and complete IT service assurance.

More Customer Stories

Managed File Transfer
Find out how the new class of managed file transfer products can overcome today’s file transfer problems —problems that old FTP is not equipped to handle.
Legacy Modernization Via Service Enablement
Find a wide range of resources for unlocking legacy assets and using them with modern technologies.
Airlines Solutions
Expect a clear takeoff with Attachmate software for secure airlines connectivity, printing, peripheral management, and common use operations. We’ve been developing solutions for airlines for 20+ years.
Windows 7 and Host Access
For Windows 7, learn what you can expect from our next-gen terminal emulators.
Secure Mainframe Access
Protect mainframe data with Attachmate terminal emulation solutions—all built to meet evolving security threats and stringent regulations.
Unisys Host Access
Learn why our secure Unisys solutions are chosen by organizations that can’t tolerate mistakes or delays—including the largest banks in the U.S., the world’s major airline companies, and multiple government agencies worldwide.
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Attachmate Corporation signs definitive agreement to acquire Novell, Inc.

Attachmate terminal emulators are now compatible with Windows 7—First Host Connectivity Vendor to Secure Compatible with Windows 7 Logo

Attachmate Achieves CUPPS Certification


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